5 Trail Hacks from the PNW Squad

5 Trail Hacks from the PNW Squad

We all have little secrets from years on the trail with our two-wheeled friends. Since sharing is caring, we wanted to let you in on our 5 favorite MTB trail hacks so you can stay safe and prepared on your next ride. 


Seized tool? Rusty bolt won’t thread back in? Clean it, chapstick it. Works like a heavy lube when in a pinch to get back to the TH. Throw some on your parched pucker while you’re at it. Probably best to do this step first though, or use your finger to apply it to bike parts. No one likes a greasy smile. - Lindsay

Get Electric!

Well, at least electrical tape. Use the tape to secure your rear brake and shifter cable together so they aren’t flapping around as you’re riding. Extra bonus: hide a spare quick link under the tape to save yourself from a long walk in case you break your chain. - TJ

Pick the Right Tool

When doing maintenance at home or building up your bike for the first time,  always tighten your axles with the tool that you’ll take with you on the trail in the future. If you use a large shop tool you may produce too much torque, making it impossible for you to loosen bolts on the trail with a tiny bike tool. - Adam 

Hair Ties for Everyone, Not Just Cody Kelley

If you have long hair these are everywhere, and if you don’t have long hair steal one from someone who does. Use it to hold a broken derailleur hanger in place for the remainder of the ride or to temporarily fix a brake lever if your brake needs to be bled. - Lindsay

In a Pinch a Ski Strap

Running out the door for a quick ride and don’t want to bring that waist pack or backpack? Haven’t invested in any fancy on-bike storage? Go rifle through your winter gear and grab those handy bright orange Voile straps (aka ski straps). Grab your trail must haves, tool, plug kit, C02 cartridge, snickers and wrap them under your top tube with the strap. -Hilary