We fully believe that you shouldn't have to pay a premium for great bike parts that work flawlessly. We also think bikes are made for the sheer fun they add to our lives. This is the reason we started PNW Components.

The short story: We hate how expensive bike parts are. That's why we started PNW Components. Our team has decades of experience working for top bike brands in the industry, fostering strong relationships with leading manufacturers and working at the forefront of what's new in the bike world. What this means for you is top performing product at a fraction of the cost.

The other part of the story: We want you to love riding your bike. Part of that means that our relationship with you doesn't just stop when you buy a product. We're dedicated to being your digital trail buddy and that's part of the reason we back up all our products with an industry leading lifetime warranty. By keeping overhead costs low, working direct with manufacturers and focusing on engineering products that deliver exactly what customers want, we’re able to save you money and ultimately have it stay in your wallet for more important things like post ride burritos.


Aaron Kerson

Aaron founded PNW Components with his wife, Emily, after seeing a hole in the market for quality bicycle components at reasonable prices. Growing up as an elite level downhill, dual slalom and BMX racer, cycling has been in his blood for many decades. After working for Specialized Bicycles as a Product Developer of mountain bikes and P.Series bikes (such as P3 & P.Slope) then as Product Manager of Mountain Bikes for the 2016 Marin Bikes product line, he realized that the strong relationships he made over the years with top level manufacturers were the gateway for delivering quality and value to customers. Aaron next worked as a software Product Manager and later in Global Business Development for Amazon's Global Sales team which taught him the ins and outs of selling successfully on Amazon. Leveraging these experiences, Aaron has set a foundation for PNW to source high quality components, optimize online presence while keeping a keen eye on overhead costs all in the name of making high quality components accessible to all customers.

Emily Stevenson Kerson

Born and raised in Seattle, Emily started her career in the bike industry working at a shop. While she started her cycling hobby on drop bars she added mountain biking to her repertoire when she met her future husband Aaron Kerson. The conversion to knobby tires was quick and complete, and while you’ll find her in full spandex kits on her road bike from time to time she has the decency not to talk about it too much (just kidding all bikes are rad). After working at a shop, she joined the Marketing Department at Marin Bikes. Having worked as a freelance photographer, graphic designer and web developer, she brings a creative eye to PNW’s content to establish a firm sense of brand.

Andrew Marshall

Andrew’s career started in automotive logistics, where he helped companies such as General Motors, Toyota, VW Group and Tesla with global distribution and processing of their vehicles through West Coast ports. Holding management roles in production, logistics, and infrastructure development, Andrew brings a wide-range of experience to PNW. As a lifelong mountain biker, Andrew jumped at the opportunity to join Aaron and Emily to grow PNW where he currently heads operations and finance. When not working or riding a bike you can catch Andrew exploring the coast with his family. Fun fact - As a teenager Andrew’s AOL IM handle was WheelieMastaFunk and he can still impress neighborhood kids with mediocre wheelie skills.


Do we have your back? Of course.

If anything goes wrong, we're here to do everything we can to ensure you're taken care of.

"When Emily and I started PNW we wanted to create the most customer-centric brand in the bike biz. With the seemingly endless selection of brands and products on the market, the fact you have trusted us with your purchase is something we take extremely seriously and are sincerely grateful for.

We've fantasized about this since day one and we're ecstatic to announce we will be offering a lifetime warranty on our full line of components for both new and existing customers. If we're all in with hooking you up with the best experience we can think of, then we believe that needs to be reflected in our warranty policy too.

This is one of many exciting announcements we have coming but, in the meantime, I want to thank you for your trust and support!"

- Aaron Kerson, PNW Components Co-Founder

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