It may technically still be fall, but it feels like winter in the Pacific North West. Riding takes on a whole new level of commitment when the temperature drops, but you can be rewarded by sleepier trails and some hero dirt on the days between storms.

PNW Dropper

This also means it might be time to fix up the rig and maybe even replace some parts that may have worn out over the summer. So if you're dreaming about better weather and want to upgrade your bike to be ready for it we have some new products and new pricing we cannot wait to tell you about...

Loam Dropper Post Lever

1. You may have seen it on PinkBike, or heard the buzz on social media... but our Loam Lever is back in stock and ready to go! Here's a story about the development of the Loam Lever and the product page. Highlights are:

  • Adjustability - Two forms of adjustment to get your perfect placement, making it the most adjustable lever on the market.
  • Weather Proof - Oversized high quality sealed bearing and all stainless hardware for longevity and durability.
  • No Slip Grip - Speaking of weather, the Loam Lever features a grippy injection molded thumb pad to keep your paws in place in even the sloppiest of conditions. The thumb pad is available in Teal, Orange or Grey.
  • Techy AF - Custom CNC machining throughout the whole design of the Loam Lever for precision and weight reduction. 
Cascade Dropper Post
2. We've received a ton of helpful feedback over the past 3 years that we put into development whenever we can. Customers frequently asked if our popular Cascade dropper post would ever come with more travel options. Because, if your frame has the room for it, more clearance between your glutes and your saddle is always a good thing. So we're happy to announce this workhorse of a dropper post is now available in 125, 150 or 170mm travel. 
In the process the 150 and 170mm versions of the Cascade Dropper Post also receive some nice upgrades such as a 1x lever, larger diameter stanchions for improved stiffness, and an additional DU Bushing to help with wiggle over time. Here's a link to the Cascade page where you can find all 3 travel options. So, if you are forced into external routing because of frame limitations, or just because it's less hassle during installation this post has got your back(side).
27.2 Dropper Post
3. And since ya'll asked for more travel, our 27.2 posts also get a little extra boost up. The Pine and Rainier IR 27.2 now come in 90 and 110mm of travel... but we think the best addition to the new models is a slick 1-piece alloy stanchion, which drops a whopping 100g of weight from the older models.
4. We stealthily dropped the prices on all our products a couple months ago. This is our commitment to our PNW customers, whenever there is room to play with our margins we will always give that money back to you. We want to provide the best products at the best prices.
Thank you all for your interest and support, we hope your December riding is extra epic this season!
-Aaron Kerson, Owner