Pat Smage Found His Mojo

Pat Smage Found His Mojo

We often find ourselves transfixed by the riding of PNW Squad member Pat Smage and his latest video, "Found My Mojo", is no exception. For those that don't know, Pat has been crowned the US NATC Trials Champion 11 times and his skills on a motorcycle transfer directly to his mountain bike riding. If you haven't watched him ride before, he'll quickly spin, manual, and hop his way onto your list of most impressive riders in the industry. 

Found My Mojo Ft. Pat Smage

I hurt my foot pretty bad back in early March and took the longest time off from real riding I have ever had. A few days after I was hurt, I received the Ibis Mojo 4 and started wondering what I could do on it. So, between icing sessions, I went into our woods day after day and looked, built, and hoped I would be able to ride what I had in mind. When I got back to riding regularly again, something was off and I just didn’t feel like myself. I was not even close to being ready to ride what I had plans for… So I went out, day after day, and rode until I found my mojo again. Turns out, it was right underneath me, and I just had to put some time in on it! - Pat Smage

We've watched "Found My Mojo" a few times now and some of the moves still confuse us.. Luckily, Pat knew that a lot of his viewers would have questions about how he envisioned each "stunt" and what it took to land them successfully, so he filmed a behind the scenes video documenting the process. "Found My Mojo" is made all the more impressive when you see the creativity and determination poured into each clip. 

Pat was also recently part of the Ace Bike Media podcast where he spoke about how we filmed Get Phat, his experience on America's Got Talent, how he balances two MTB frame sponsors in Fatback Bikes and Ibis, and much more about his career on wheels.

Click Here to Listen to Pat on the Ace Bike Media podcast.