Pebble Tool: Read the Reviews

Pebble Tool: Read the Reviews

The reviews are in, from the US to the UK and Austria, our Pebble Tool is a minimalist's favorite multi-tool. We're so proud of our little guy for making it on Singletracks' super slim list of 6 Mini Tools That Pack a Big Punch. Our capable and compact trailside companion has also been voted one of the Top Multi-Tools of 2023 by the UK critics at Bike Radar. Over in Austria Gerald at Bike Gear Database has seen the beauty in minimalism after spending some time with the Pebble Tool. Mountain Bike Action says the Pebble Tool has exactly what you need most of the time.


"The Pebble is very compact going nearly unnoticed in a pocket. It has exactly what you need most of the time, but there are times where its limited tool selection falls short for every trailside emergency. Having a tire plug at the ready is a real ride saver, since flats are the most common mechanical issue out on the trail. The tool is sturdy and high quality overall."

-MTB Action

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"The PNW Pebble Tool is the smallest, lightest, and simplest in this roundup, with only six tools, and weighing only 51g on my digital scale. With the least amount of bits, it includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm hex keys, a T25 Torx, and a Dynaplug accessory. Although that doesn’t sound like much in one multi-tool, it is really almost every hex and Torx you need to make quick adjustments on your bike while out riding."


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"The PNW Components Pebble bicycle multi-tool is claimed to offer the most commonly used tools to help you fix the most frequent issues you’ll encounter while riding.

I’ve been using the Pebble for just over two months and have yet to find myself in a scenario where I wished I had different tools available."

-Bike Radar

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"The Pebble caught everyone's attention with its built-in Dynaplug bit and hot colors. Over the past few months, Gerald has been testing the Pebble in Austria to see how it measures up against his beloved Crankbrothers tool.

I was immediately impressed by its size, color, and design.

I will admit that the Pebble has changed how I look at bike tools. Just maybe… I do not need a big bulky all-in-one tool for every ride. The Pebble has me covered for a ride on my local trails and groads and it is so small and light that I can put it in any of my pockets and not be distracted by it."

-Bike Gear Database

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