Winter Shenanigans with the PNW Squad

Winter Shenanigans with the PNW Squad

Winter is the typical off season for mountain bikers in the Pacific Northwest, and understandably so; The days get shorter, trail conditions deteriorate, and carving up fresh snow in the backcountry becomes more enticing than climbing through the rain or freezing temperatures. But many members of the PNW Squad find themselves riding bikes year round and documenting their two-wheeled shenanigans along the way.  

Kyle Warner

Snow Bike Session: Would You Ever Sno-Go?

Sometimes the snow in the mountains is just too good to stay away, but that doesn't mean you need to completely ditch the bike. Have you ever considered getting a snow bike to bridge the gap between mountain biking and skiing? If you do, make sure to do some research to see if your local ski resort allows snow bikes. Follow along with Kyle Warner as he uses his new Sno-Go to rip around Bogus Basin

The First Jam at the Boise Bike Park

Throughout 2019, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation worked with Alpine Bike Parks to create one of the coolest city sanctioned bike parks we've ever seen. Kyle has been posting video updates during construction and after 11 months of hard work the bike park is finally ready to be ridden by the public.  

Exploring Woodward Park City with Cody Kelley and Old Dog

Kyle and fellow PNW Squad member Cody Kelley meet up in Park City, Utah to explore the newest Woodward facility, all while being heckled by Cody's Dad and fan favorite, Old Dog. Woodward Park City looks like something built from our wildest dreams.. 

Mark Matthews

Santa Slays

If Santa was late in dropping off your presents this year, there's good reason; He ditched his reindeer to slay some of his personal trails! Mark Matthews dons his Santa garb to spread the holiday cheer along his newly finished jump line in this video by Scott Bell Visuals  

Best Laps Ever: Mount Prevost on Vancouver Island

Hop on board with Mark as he smashes laps on Vancouver Island's famous Mt. Prevost with Canada's Junior National Champion, Kendall McLean. The trails look absolutely incredible and it's no wonder Prevost has helped forge the careers of some of Canada's most prolific downhill racers. 

Martha Gill (and Gowaan Gals)

A Gowaan Tale

Martha Gill and the Gowan Gals have been working hard in the EWS off season to keep us entertained with content and to release their new soft goods line. If you like what they're wearing in this video, you can buy it for yourself here on their website:

Austin Hemperley

HDGGtv Episode #02: Sand Canyon

Austin Hemperley and Two Dog Aerial are back at it for the second episode of HDGGtv, a video series filmed around Bend, Oregon with an FPV drone. Austin's quick bike handling combines perfectly with the thrilling perspective of a race ready drone in this high speed video that has us pining for drier weather. 

Pat Smage

Time to Climb; Working on Short Technical Climbs with Hannah

Just because the local trails are closed doesn't mean you can't hop on your bike and have some fun. Pat Smage and his wife, Hannah, show us how to get creative when the weather works against you in this technical climbing video. Pat is a master at making difficult maneuvers look like a walk in the park, so don't feel discouraged if your next trail climb doesn't go over this smoothly. 

Trevor Lyden - Kate Meyer - Austin Hemperley

A little snow can't stop Santa and his reindeer from doing what they love. PNW Squad members Kate Meyer and Austin Hemperley teamed up with frequent PNW photographer, Trevor Lyden, to create this Christmas themed video in Bend, Oregon.

Want to see more of the Squad? Click the "Gloam Season" image below to watch our latest video with Cody Kelley.