Red Bull Hardline with Lewis Buchanan

Red Bull Hardline with Lewis Buchanan

Red Bull Hardline is easily one of the most exciting mountain biking events of the year and this edition was made more exciting by the presence of PNW Squad member, Lewis Buchanan. Lew was invited to the event with limited notice, but rallied to the call and gutted through injuries to participate. Check out his daily vlogs and his full race run below, then do yourself a favor and subscribe to his channel. 

Red Bull Hardline Day 1 with Lewis Buchanan

Red Bull Hardline Day 2

Red Bull Hardline Day 3

Red Bull Hardline Race Day

Red Bull Hardline Final Run by Lewis Buchanan

The track for Hardline is gnarly, and that's an understatement. The occasional section looks fun, but to race it from top to bottom just seems terrifying. Hats off to Lew and the other riders for pinning it down such a wild trail.

The Crash That Blew Up Social Media

Lew had a pretty nasty crash early on in practice and sustained a coccyx and sacral fracture as a result. We're thankful that Lew is on track for a healthy recovery. Check out his breakdown below and watch to the end to hear his future plans.  

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