The Ones That Got Away

The Ones That Got Away

Heading into 2024 everyone is getting all amped up about their new bike builds ahead. But something about this time of year had us thinking about our long-lost loves too. The hoopties of our past, and all the fun that got us here. Everyone has that one bike that they don't have anymore, that they still daydream about from time to time. The bike you crashed and destroyed, that you flipped before you were ready, or worst of all, the one that was stolen. Even your muscle memory knows exactly what it would be like to ride it again if you could. Most of us over here at PNW were pretty quick to answer the question, "is there one that got away?"

Here are just a few of the team's most loved and most missed rides from over the years. We hope you enjoy the nostalgia, and maybe we even have you scheming to build up an old or silly bike this summer, just for funsies.


I had converted it to a slalom bike! Such a beater, but I did so much on this thing.

-Aaron Kerson, CEO & Co-Founder


I used to tote around Miles in a trailer. Sadly, someone stole it a few years ago :(
-Andrew Marshall, COO


My childhood friend owned a Kawasaki BX200 BMX bike that I was absolutely obsessed with! I used to ride it every time I went to his house and I wanted one so bad. Reminds that I have a job I need to find one to buy haha.

-Chris Siembab, Sales Manager


Oh man, the Covert was my first proper mountain bike that I built to race in 2012. I was working at a shop at the time and I ordered every part individually. I built it up and I had never been so proud. I still have the budget I wrote for it on notepad somewhere. Coming off a 120mm travel bike with a rigid post, clapped suspension, and brakes that didn’t work, the covert was a game changer, it showed me what mountain bikes were capable of. Truly the one that got away.
-TJ Trotter, Product Manager


I bought the frame while I was working at Jamis, and my buddy helped me get a baby blue SR Duro DJ fork that came off of a Jamis Kromo. Profile 3-piece cranks were from my old BMX bike, an e.13 chain guide since there were no such things as clutch derailleurs in 2009, and white Geax tires, to really tie the look together.

-Todd Ford, Director of Product


Currently, it is stripped down to the frame only, laying in my rafters – So only semi got away. It's my grandpa’s ol bike he gave to me... Damn, she was a looker…I need to rebuild an old 26er with a basket...


-Brandon Fuller, E-commerce Program Manager

2017 Santa Cruz Chameleon

Easily my favorite bike I’ve owned. Rode this all over. From using it as a commuter to local single track to racing it at enduro races. Looking at old pictures makes me want to get another hardtail in my lineup!!


-Cole Kersey, Product Developer


On the summit of Mt. Diablo, I miss this bike.

-Jared Santa Cruz, Fulfillment Specialist


Big Mama was my first touring bike (we weren't saying "bikepacking" yet) This sweet ride would get me out of the city on the weekends when I lived in NYC. I still have just the frame... there's only so much you can cart across the country when you move.


-RoseMary Sindt, Marketing Program Manager


Good ole 26" XC! This was my very first full suspension bike. It was a hand me down to get me into riding and man did it teach me.. I took this bike on so many trails and places that it should have never gone. Although, she kept me safe and always had a blast! I added an external PNW Pine dropper post and lever. That bike taught me so much. I always got looks when riding it, but mainly because it was an '05 and it was the year 2018 at the time haha!

-Katy Tarr, Sales


I built it up from a frameset and loved this thing, raced it a few times locally, and rode the gravel roads before it was a thing. It handled like a dream, was super comfy, and was just one of the best bikes I had ever owned, why sell it? Who knows, we all do silly things once in a while. If there is one bike I wish I would have kept, it would be this one.
-Jesse Del Donno, Rider Support Lead


LeMonster Titanium MTB

When LeMond bikes started doing MTB frames, they made some Ti versions that to this day are my favorite paint schemes. My dad had an Ocean blue fade to grey and this one was my mom’s, a candy apple green fade to grey. This was the first MTB I had ever ridden and if she only knew the amount of downhill riding I abused this bike with, she would have never let me borrow it. At that time, my bike was a 24” GT cruiser with a Rock Shox gold fork on it (way ahead of it's time) and only one brake that made for some major hand pump going downhill.
In High school, we would have our parents drop us off at the Mt Rose summit in Lake Tahoe and we would connect old forest roads and moto trails with our own skid trails through making our way down to Galena where my friends house was. Many of those sections we created by skid steer, cause you know that is the only way to make it down steep hills with canti brakes, have now become part of the actual trails you can shuttle and ride.
She recently gave it to me and it was in the exact condition it was when I last rode it in High School. I put some Vans DJ tires on (still have the OG Ritchey Speedmax Skinwalls), a NOS Turbo saddle, and matching Loam Grips and ride it around town in the summer. It puts a smile on my face every time!
-Nathan Blades, Rider Support

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